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Extremely Geeky Headstones

Everyone dies, sooner or later. But death does not mean you have to stop being a geek. No Photoshopped picture here. Each of these tombs is the real deal. And you have to love wits with anyone willing to show its scientific-tion for something as durable as the grave.


Grave for 26-year-old computer geek from China, who – not joke – he died before his screen.[ Source ]

Network Error

“He came, he saw that offline.” I can so relate.[ Source ]

USS Enteprise

is not enough that he was Star Trek fan – he actually shared the same name as Next Generation is the first officer(yes, even his middle name). But Company placed on the grave marker is from the original series. Wonder why they did not go with the 1701-D[ Source ]


Hm …. Suppose Lester died at sea? He may need a bigger boat.(Apologies to the family of Madden. You can not resist.)[ Source ]


I have no idea what the story is in this case, but you have to take this guy was super attached to his laptop.[ Source ]


Do not scoff. Without electricity, it would not be reading this. Amazing.[ Source ]


Welcome to the trail, stop for a brainteaser.[ Source ]


There seems to be that science, right? Wrong. Check that engraved on the pages: Right. Buzz Light year to win.[ Source ]

Optimus Trek

There is no subtlety. This person is proudly telling their geek flags fly. And good on 'em.[ Source ]


strange that the man buried there was nothing to do with the construction of rockets or the space program. He just likes to project so much that he took her for his own tombstone. Extra credit: sculpture has a number of major missile engraved into it.[ Source ]


I do not want to believe it was real at first. But I found a variety of sources, whether this is the real deal, and is located in a cemetery in Portland, Oregon. If you zoom in high resolution, you can see that each of the premises, and Scrabble tiles is actually a ceramic tile.[ Source ]


I tried to stick to the real tombstones used in the actual graves on this list, but I could not resist this unmarked, model Snoopy is still a piece of waiting for use.[ Source ]

Star Wars

No geek list is complete without at least one Star Wars entry. I love that this is scientific stuff, both in front of and back.[ Source ]


I totally want TARDIS headstone on my grave. Okay, so it's not technically “tombstone TARDIS, but calm. You can not look at it and do not think Dr. .[ Source ]


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